Student Choices Form

Student Choices Form

Please read the project descriptions carefully and take time to ask questions to find out about the project before filling out this form.

Please enter your Heriot-Watt email address in format "".

Entering your preferences

  • You may enter up to four project titles below in order of preference from top to bottom.
  • Make your selection by clicking on one of the titles which appears in the drop down list, or continue typing to narrow down the list.
  • Please make sure that your first preference is at the top of the list, with other choices in order from top to bottom before you submit your form.
  • You may re-order your choices by dragging the cross shaped handles on the left.
  • To select a project: Type a distinctive word or part of a word from the project name. Then stop and then wait for the drop down list to appear, and click on the project name from the drop down list
  • If the automatic drop down list does not appear, try a different word from the title. Do not type the whole title, and avoid punctuation.
To propose your own project or industrial placement, please select "My project proposal" as your first choice. Then enter details of your proposed project below. Please do include several other choices above in case the project or placement is not confirmed or set up on time.

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You should have discussed your project with with a member of academic staff. Please mentioned their name here.

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