Acoustic Camera simulation for underwater

The Aris imaging sonar [1] is an underwater sensor that, even though uses acoustic, creates an image similar to the camera image. Images or video sequences produced this way look similar but are inherently different from those produced by the cameras. The interpretation of this data may be challenging and require developing new algorithms and techniques.
In this project, a student will be working on building a Gazebo plugin, simulating the data produced by the Aris imaging sonar. A third party software, solving similar problem, is provided. Work in this project requires modifying this software, integrating with ROS (Gazebo) and helping with developing new algorithms based on ARIS data.

Required skills:
- C/C++ programming skills, Python is a plus
- Experience with ROS, experience with Gazebo is a plus


Supervisor name: 
Yvan Petillot
Supervisor and Deputy email addresses:
Project location: 
EM G86
Deputy name: 
Tomasz Luczinsky