Acoustic separation of parasitic worms

Parasitic worms are large macro parasites. Many of parasitic worms are soil-transmitted and infect the gastrointestinal tract, and are also referred to as intestinal worms. Parasitic worms are organism living in and feeding on living host. They cause weakness and disease of the host.
Helminths are a group of organisms which share a similar form. All helminths produces eggs for reproduction. A way to assess the contamination of the animals or humans, is to count the number of eggs in the excrements. The eggs counting is achieved manually under a microscope. This method is found unreproducible and unautomated.
We aim to develop a method that could be used in the field for diagnosis of intestinal worms for animals and humans. We will study the behaviour of helminths under acoustic fields.

The approach of the project topic will follow:-
1) Review state-of-the-art publications.
2) Develop your skills in the research methodologies of the topic.
3) Design simulation and experimental protocols
4) Compare simulation and experimental findings
4) Analyse your findings to demonstrate the academic significance.

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Anne Bernassau
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