Advanced amine based CO2 capture. A parametric study to tackle the unsolved questions

Amine based CO2 capture is the most advanced technology to implement CO2 capture at industrial scale. However, there are still unsolved questions regarding the performance of the technology. Our current research has looked at the performance of the MEA (Monoethanolamine) capture system and we have retrieved experimental data from a pilot plant in Germany to evaluate the energy performance of the plant, the impact of solvent degradation and the impact of transient operation on the energy and environmental performance of the system.
The work will look at the validation of our Aspen Plus model with the retrieved data. Initially, the thermal properties reported by Aspen will be compared to literature data to check that the equilibrium and the kinetics of the system represent what we know from literature. Next, the model will be used to predict the steady-state performance of the pilot plant. Validation of the model is the final objective. Some aspects of the model will need to be adjusted to predict accurately process performance.
Once the model is validated, it could be used to predict performance of CO2 capture for power and industrial plants.

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It is recommendable that the potential candidate has experience with modelling process systems at any scale, data regression and validation. Knowledge of Aspen Plus is not needed but desirable. Training in Aspen Plus modelling will be provided.

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Eva Sanchez Fernandez
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Heriot-Watt Edinburgh campus, JN Building
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Susana Garcia Lopez