Applications of CFD to Packed Columns - Simulation of a gas-liquid flows in packed columns for LNG processing

Computational Fluid Dynamics is a recognized tool in process engineering. It has the capability to simulate the complex flow behavior in process vessels. Despite its widespread use, it still has issues when dealing with multiphase flows and where the flow changes due to changes in rheology (e.g Reynolds numbers).

The goal of this project is to apply CFD to predict the flow of lqiudi and gas inside a packed column absorber. These units typically are used for removing CO2 from natural gas on LNG processing plants, or oxygen from seawater.

While the goal would be to simulate a vessel in its entirety, this may not be possible given the computer resources available.

You should find data to validate the models from literature as much as possible.

This project needs a CAD system to draw the geometry and the CFD to do the simulation. Recommended that you obtain “teaching” licenses for
• Autodesk Inventor – for generating the CAD models
• Ansys CFX, Ansys Workbench
All of these are available to students, as a student license

• OPENFoam – is a Public domain – use the BlueCFD version of the same code. However, you need a good CAD system to draw the geometry.

Supervisor name: 
Graeme White

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