Bone healing and adaption

Background: Bone is an adaptive material that is able self-repair and heal fractures or adapt to external loading, e.g. training. In clinics this ability is used to anchor implants and to promote healing of fractured bone. It would be desirable for clinicians to have a software tool at hand that would allow them to predict healing and adaption time after implant placement.

Project: Therefore, this project aims to create a computational model that simulates bone remodelling and adaption that may be used in such a software tool.

  1. based on existing 1D and 3D models, review the state-of-the-art of pre-clinical models,
  2. develop a computational model extending these existing models to simulate remodelling around an implant, and
  3. simulating damage and healing processes around an implant in a biomedical case study.

Impact: If successful, the developed model will have a direct, positive impact on optimising treatment strategies.

Other Comments: 

Some programming skills needed

Supervisor name: 
Uwe Wolfram
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Project is computational so that remote supervision is possible