Brewing and Distilling - Distilling (Mr Matthew Pauley)

My research interests have included a broad range of distilling interests but of particular interest is trying to learn more about gin and the sensory performance of Juniper Berries within the context of commercial gins.

The ultimate end game of the research is:-

Increase the base line level of knowledge around the Juniper berries contribution within commercial gin.

Build a frame work in which to educate gin distillers and gin consumers about how to make serve enjoy and enjoy, good quality gins that do not mislead the consumer.

Be an informed part of the dialogue around increasing legislation to protect the name and definition of gin.

The projects will revolve around the areas of interpretation of analytical chemistry data and sensory data so having a background or aptitude in these areas would be helpful.

There is scope for research into other botanical compounds found within gin.

Supervisor name: 
Matthew Pauley

MSc programme:

Deputy name: 
Dr Annie Hill