Brewing and distilling innovation and sustainability - Jane White

Research interests relate to the areas of brewing and distilling sustainability. This includes utility usage; by-product valorization; and use and production of bioplastics. Other areas of interest include novel fermentations such as alternative feedstocks and yeast strains; market analysis; and commercial development and feasibility studies.

Example MSc project titles from 2018:

Pure culture fermentation trials of Lachancea fermentati strains and their use in the brewing industry (laboratory project)

Isolation of yeast from the Leith area of Edinburgh for use in distillery fermentations (laboratory project)

Analysis of alternative yeast strains for malt whisky production (industry project)

Bioprospecting for wild yeast in the Scottish Highlands and Islands (laboratory project)

Creating beer for the Indian market (dry project)

Effect of lactic acid concentration on carbonation and secondary metabolites of Brettanomyces during bottle conditioning (laboratory project)

Evaluation of the impact of wine yeast on the performance and sensory character of whiskey distillery fermentations (industry project)

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Jane White
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