Brewing and distilling innovation and sustainability - Jane White

My research interests relate to the areas of brewing and distilling sustainability. This includes utility and raw material usage, by-product valorisation and the circular bioeconomy. Some of these topics fall within my work with Horizon Proteins and will be naturally industry-focused.

Other areas of interest include novel fermentations and products such as alternative feedstocks, yeast strains and perceived and actual health impacts of bevarages; market analysis; and commercial development and feasibility studies.

Examples of previous topics from last year include:

- Trends and opportunities in low and non-alcohol spirits market segment
- Production of bioplastics and the potential of brewery by-products as a circular solution
- Future of legumes in ethanol production for brewing and distilling
- Developing a non-alcoholic beer in South Korea: from production to market
- Low alcohol beer - a question of hops?
- Improvement of sustainability in small Scottish gin distilleries using energy and water management methods
- various Business Plans.

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Jane White
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