Brewing and Distilling Raw Materials (Dr. Calum Holmes)

Research Theme:

Research interests relate to use of novel raw materials and processes for use in the malting, brewing, and distilling industries. Key areas of research interest relate specifically to the use of highly-roasted grains for the production of beer and distilled spirits, the use of sorghum (and other novel cereals) for production of beer and distilled spirits, novel malting and mashing regimes, and value-added uses for brewery/distillery co-product streams.

Current industry and funded projects:

If you are interested in any of these projects, please contact Dr. Calum Holmes directly by email ( and indicate Dr. Holmes as your preferred supervisor. Whilst these projects will unfortunately have to be dry, please get in touch if they are of interest and we can try to work towards something of industry relevance/value.

Examples of previous projects:

Sustainability and energy efficiency in the modern brewhouse (dry project)

An assessment of the agronomical and malting traits of landrace barleys (dry project)

The optimisation of wort clarity for ester profile control in lagers (dry project)

Ethanol removal processes for low alcohol beer production (dry project)

Sorghum beer: brewing with malted and unmalted sorghum, nutritional values and commercial potential (dry project)

Hop aroma, bitterness and sensory perception (dry project)

Supervisor name: 
Dr. Calum Holmes
Supervisor and Deputy email addresses:
Deputy name: 
Dr. Dawn Maskell