Brewing and Distilling Raw Materials (Dr. Calum Holmes)

Research interests relate to use of novel raw materials and processes for use in the malting, brewing, and distilling industries.

Current collaboration projects available (this will be updated as more become available):

The James Hutton Institute - Malting Quality of Barley and Wheat Grown Under a Low Input “Integrated” System. This project is continuing from the work of a previous MSc student, the work will contribute to a multi-year project of industrial relevance. The work of the previous MSc student is currently under consideration for presentation at a conference.

Examples of previous projects:

Sustainability and energy efficiency in the modern brewhouse (dry project)

Hop Aroma, Bitterness and Sensory Perception - A Review (dry project)

Brewing with 100% unmalted barley and exogenous enzymes (laboratory project)

Botanicals in Brewing and Their Effect on Yeast Health (laboratory project)

The Effects of Protein Level on Malt Specification (laboratory project)

Gluten free beer: A review of raw materials (dry project)

The opportunity for Norwegian grown barley in the brewing industry (laboratory project)

Brewing Value of the Scottish Grown Hop (Humulus lupulus L.) Variety Cascade (laboratory project)

Malting Quality of Barley and Wheat Grown Under a Low Input “Integrated” System (laboratory project)

Supervisor name: 
Dr. Calum Holmes
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Dr. Dawn Maskell