Brewing & Distilling, fermentation, valorisation and process improvement

Research interests relate to yeast physiology, stress tolerance and fermentation performance. In addition to this I am also interested in by-product valorisation.

Collaboration projects in these areas are likely to become available over the next few months, and opportunities discussed with my project students. I currently expect to have at least one project in collaboration with the St Andrews Brewing Co. as part of a new larger project.

Examples of previous projects

The science of dry hopping (laboratory project)
Yeast and petite mutant formation (laboratory project)
Yeast stress and serial repitching (laboratory project)
Yeast and hop stress (laboratory project)
High Gravity Brewing for the craft brewer (laboratory project)
Towards understanding saison yeast (laboratory project)
Hop shortages: myth or reality (dry project)
Beer styles: current trends, future predictions (dry project)
Profiling of centrifuge sludge and potential markets (collaborative with 2 Scottish breweries) (laboratory project)
Maturation of beer in (with) wood (laboratory project)
Novel yeast for fermentation (laboratory project)
Influence of fermentation vessels on beer flavour profile (laboratory project)
Improving beer quality (gushing/haze) (laboratory project)

Supervisor name: 
Dr Dawn Maskell
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Deputy name: 
As appropriate, Dr Annie Hill, Dr Jane White or Dr David Jenkins