Brewing Fermentation, Control and Sensory Quality of Beer (Mrs Rachel Sutherland

Research Theme:

Main areas of interest include for wet or dry projects are as follows;

- Brewhouse efficiency and utilisation
- The impact of raw materials on sensory quality of beer
- Hop α acid isomerisation in dry hopping
- Beer maturation with oak
- Beer maturation with alternative woods
- Recipe development and ancient beer
- Sustainable raw materials
- Sustainable brewing production methods

I am interested in working with students that have an interest in quality assurance and control, brewhouse and fermenter control, novel ingredients or production and sensory analysis.

Examples of Previous Projects:

The Effect of Temperature on the Oak Aging of Beer (wet project)
Brewing Non-alcoholic Beer to Improve Sensory Perception in the Emerging Market (dry research project with industry partner)
Non-Saccharomyces Yeasts in the Production of Low Alcohol Lager (wet project with industry partner)
Application of the debranching enzyme pullulanase during mashing and fermentation to achieve a low-calorie craft beer (wet project)
The revival of historic brewing methods: Evaluating kveik fermentations (wet project)
Fundamental Considerations in Establishing a Sustainable Distillery (dry project)
The effect of beer ageing with American oak chips steeped on Port wine (wet project)

Other Comments: 

Deputy supervisors will be assigned as most suitable to the individual project

Supervisor name: 
Rachel Sutherland
Supervisor and Deputy email addresses: