Characterisation of a Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscope (2020/21)

Last year a student started building up a resonant ultrasound spectroscope and obtain promising results using etalons.

The purpose of this project is to build on this work and improve the algorithm to detect the layers of the sample to be analysed.

The work is especially important for looking at biological specimens such as plants. The work is part of the new body of research dedicated to Nature Inspired Manufacturing.

The work will be assisted by Prof. Marc Desmulliez and Dr Anne Bernassau with collaboration with Prof. Thomas Speck from the Botanic Gardens at Freiburg (Germany).

The work will consist of the following:

1) Set up of the Design of Experiments to conduct the experiments

2) Improvement on existing algorithms to determine thicknesses

3) Execution of the experiments and analysis of the results.

Supervisor name: 
Marc Desmulliez
Supervisor and Deputy email addresses:
Project location: 
Earl Mountbatten Building EM3:10 and EMg.17
Deputy name: 
Anne Bernassau