Computational methods for event-camera data

Event-cameras ( represent a novel sensing modality for fast detection, imaging, and tracking. They have potential applications in surveillance, automotive, and robotics. In contrast to classical cameras, such detectors only record changes in light intensity and do not produce standard images. Thus, they require existing (restoration, detection and tracking) methods to be adapted or new, tailored methods to be developed.

In this project, a student will be working on implementing recently published computational methods for analysis of event-data and modifying existing methods adapted for standard images/videos implemented in C/C++ and Matlab.

Required skills:
- Matlab and C/C++ programming skills
- Experience with ROS and SLAM is a plus

Supervisor name: 
Yoann Altmann
Supervisor and Deputy email addresses:

Project Type:

Project location: 
Earl Mountbatten Building, Riccarton
Deputy name: 
Yvan Petillot