David Jenkins: Research interests relate to yeast, fermentation, packaged product quality.

Research theme

My particular research interests have focused on understanding the function of yeast during fermentation and how yeast influences final product quality. This includes how processing and packaging may change these quality markers, with particular interest in haze, foam stability and flavour stability of beer.

Collaborations with industrial partner:
• FILTROX Carlson Ltd (https://www.filtrox.com/) Impact of depth filtration on spirit quality. With a long tradition in spirits filtration and well established connections to the major whisky producers, FILTROX Carlson Ltd is widely regarded as a leader in the field of distilled spirits filtration. This project will look to assess different types of filter sheets and evaluate the impact on the filtered whisky and will be jointly supervised by David Jenkins and Calum Holmes.

Examples of previous projects:

Exploring low cost alternatives for assessment of the oxidative stability of beer (laboratory project)
Impact of Lactobacillus Fermentation Parameters on Wort Souring (laboratory project)
Evaluation of cross-flow filtration as beer clarification systems (dry project)
Study of Brettanomyces bruxellensis fermentation characteristics (laboratory project)
The Use of Kebari barley in the production of Roasted Malts (laboratory project)
Review of low alcohol and alcohol-free beer production (dry project)
Use of alternative fining agents to clarify port wine (laboratory project)
Understanding an innovative dispense unit with respect to beer foam formation and hygiene (laboratory project)
Influence of rehydration medium on the performance of Active Dried Yeast (laboratory project)
Adaptation of yeast strains to high gravity stresses (laboratory project)

Supervisor name: 
David Jenkins
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