Design, manufacturing and performance characterisation of a capacitive inclinometer (2020/21)

This work is the continuation of a study carried out by an Erasmus Mundus student who created novel simple inclinometers based on capacitive sensing. The report will therefore be made available to the student.

There is a need for new inclinometer for implantable medical devices which are low cost and do not require a high amount of power.

Based on the studies of the previous student, the project will look at improving on the experimental validation of cuboid sensors but also develop the performance characterisation of ellipsoid sensors that have proven to give better performance.

The student will have the occasion either to look at analytical characterisation of the sensor, or its experimental validation, or its manufacturing using 3D printing techniques.

Supervisor name: 
Marc Desmulliez
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Project location: 
Earl Mountbatten building G.76 or G.17
Deputy name: 
Jose Marques hueso