Development of flow cell reactor for solar rechargeable redox flow battery applcation (2022)

Redox flow battery (RFB) technology is being in the spotlight as a mean of simultaneously storing renewable energy into chemicals, which can be readily utilized to generate electricity via reversible reactions [1]. Solar-rechargealbe redox flow battery (SRFB) is a liquid battery system integrated with a photoelectrochemical device for solar charging. However, the plain fact is most studies overlook potentials arising from the electrolyte behaviour change under the heat or temperature variation. In this context, understanding current-voltage behaviour of the SRFB is very important aspect. Nevertheless, a practical lab-scale flow cell reactor for SRFB system which is funcationl under dynamic temperature conditions has not been demonstrated yet. This project aims to conduct a computational design and fabfrication of a flow cell with workshop experts or using our 3D printer.

Relevant references
[1] Bae, D.; Faasse, G. M.; Smith, W. A. Hidden Figures of Photo-Charging: A Thermo-Electrochemical Approach for Solar-Rechargeable Redox Flow Cell System. Sustain. Energy Fuels 2020, 4, 2650–2655.
[2] Whitley, S.; Bae, D. Perspective—Insights into Solar-Rechargeable Redox Flow Cell Design: A Practical Perspective for Lab-Scale Experiments. J. Electrochem. Soc. 2021, 168, 120517.

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We are looking for candidates talented or interested in Ansys and fabrication works. Background in physical chemistry or electrochemistry is also preferred.

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Dowon Bae
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Dr Dowon Bae - Supervisor