Development of Particle-Resolved Direct Numerical Simulation Method with OpenFOAM

Given the multiscale nature of gas–particle flows, several different modelling and simulation approaches are being used to probe flow behaviour at different scales. Particle-resolved direct numerical simulation (PR-DNS) seeks to resolve all scales of flow at micro-scale without using any closures. Particles are tracked in a Lagrangian fashion by solving Newton’s equations, and particle–particle interaction is accounted for via a soft-sphere contact model. Such simulations provide computational data on fluid-particle and particle-particle interactions, which have been used to formulate constitutive models. In this project, we will develop a Lagrangian-Volume-Of-Fluid based PR-DNS code with OpenFOAM. The developed code will be validated through comparisons with analytical solutions of simple academic cases such as terminal velocity of a single particle and homogeneous packed bed. For further study, we will perform PR-DNSs of fluidisation case.

Supervisor name: 
Dr. Ali Ozel
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Project location: 
James Nasmyth Building, JN2.18