Digital twins and proxies for Integrated Safety Compliant Edge Robotics (ISCER)

Being able to create, process and interact with digital content at source in real-time will be the next big draw in robotic process automation (RPA) strategies. ISCER explores white spaces in digital twins and edge-robotics beyond operational and maintenance (O&M) capabilities, delivering new remote RPA safety instrumented systems design and the creation of completely new RPA self-certification models. ISCER digital technology sets a precedent for how future digital asset integrity management address O&M for confined spaces and how its future workforce connects.

Key ISCER research focus:
1. Digital Twin and Edge-RPA for mission verification and asset certification
2. Edge-RPA trust, assurance and registration
3. X-in-the-loop (hardware, software, human) fusion leading to the next generation of decision support and self-certification of edge-robotics

Other Comments: 

Interest/knowledge/experience in of programming, ML/AL/AI, IoT, cyber-physical systems, sensing, data management, telecoms network, HMI/HRI, RPA, haptics, visualisation, game engines, system engineering, safety instrumented systems, human factors and vocational training

Supervisor name: 
Theo Lim
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