Distilling - MSc projects 2021

My research is typically within distilling from recipe design through to optimisation as well as more fundamental research. I am open to ideas too!

For 2021 the projects will be "dry" but I hope to still link with a range of businesses to either work with industry data or to gather information that can be used in product development.

Research areas include:
1. Does the presence of yeast in a wash distillation have a positive or negative effect on the organoleptic qualities of a new make whisky spirit?
2. Whiskey maturation - adding depth and flavour to create something a bit different without losing the essence of a good whiskey.
3. Optimisation to improve quality (whiskey) before barrelling.
4. Maize whiskey production.
5. Methods to optimise distillery fermentation.

1. Recipe development - investigation of botanicals and other raw materials for gin/liqueurs.
2. Fixative properties of orris root.

1. Maturation of bierbrand.

1. Recipe design – smooth, sipping rum.

Supervisor name: 
Dr Annie Hill
Supervisor and Deputy email addresses: 
A.Hill@hw.ac.uk; m.pauley@hw.ac.uk

MSc programme:

Project location: 
John Muir Building.
Working hours within weekdays (no weekend access).
Deputy name: 
Matthew Pauley