Double lens collimator feedback sensor for CPV applications

Concentrator photovoltaics (CPV) is an exciting sector of the solar energy market. Making use of lenses to focus sunlight onto smaller, highly efficient multi-junction solar cells. The use of optics requires alignment to incident sunlight, forcing the need for solar tracking. The development of a double lens collimator solar feedback sensor would be highly advantageous to the CPV industry. Such a sensor should be able to detect angular deviations in solar incident rays and be able to correct position to ensure maximum power production throughout the day. Previous studies have been completed on such sensors in the literature. However current designs requires further refinement and testing. In this project the student would, with limited support from Chitendai Ltd, design, simulate, prototype and test a solar sensor that is of low cost and compact format.

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Xiawnen Kong
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Devon Vehlow