Dual-polarization and dual-frequency antennas and arrays for 5G telecommunication systems

​​Dual-polarization and dual-frequency antennas are often needed for remote sensing.
Students will find current designs, study and simulate them.

[1] R. Shrestha, D.E. Anagnostou, S.J. Horst, J.P. Hoffman, "Dual-frequency and dual-polarization antenna array for satellite deployment"
IEEE Aerospace Conference, 2016 pp. 1-6.

Results from this project may lead to a journal or international conference publication.
This project is in collaboration with NASA.

* Due to covid-19 restrictions, this project will focus more on simulations in Keysight ADS and/or other software *

Supervisor name: 
Dimitris Anagnostou
Supervisor and Deputy email addresses: 
Deputy name: 
George Goussetis