Dust removal for dessert areas

Self cleaning glass - using a thin catalytic surface layer and sunlight to decompose dirt and dust particles and finally using rain to wash it away - are already commercially available. There are, however, climates where the last bit in that process chain is missing (rain), but dust is still a major problem (think desserts). Electrostatic and electrodynamic screens would offer a low-cost option to remove dust from the surface of solar panels without necessitating water or mechanical components and moving parts.
As part of this project, you will simulate electrode configurations on glass substrates using a commercially available software suite (EDEM) to optimise the design for removal of dust particles.

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Experience with working on Linux machines a plus, experience with finite element simulations a big plus although there is a lot of educational material (webinars, tutorials, documentation, examle code) on the software available online.
Software is also used to simulate soil movement.

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Gudrun Kocher-Oberlehner
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Edinburgh due to restrictions in software use; Nasmyth, JNG09
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Kokou Dadzie
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This will work as a continuation of an undergrad student project. Enough material for 2 projects