Dynamic Modeling of FLNG Absorption and Solvent Recovery

This project is to develop a HYSYS based or ASPEN+ based dynamic model of the amine based CO2 absorption column and the amine recovery column that would typically be part of a floating liquefied natural gas plant. FLNG systems are subject to variations in performance due to dynamic changes with the feed flowrate and composition just as any acid gas absorption column is. The key difference with FLNG is that there may be time dependent changes occurring inside the absorption column and the solvent recovery column that could affect the system used to maintain process control.

This project will first develop a working steady state model and compare the results with published work. Next is to implement a control system and show that this can work as expected when step changes are made to feed properties. The medal will be used to extract time constants and investigate the dependence of these time constants on basic properties such as feed flowrate, feed pressure, temperature and composition. The model will then be extended to introduce dynamics due to the movement of the columns using as yet some undefined method.

Supervisor name: 
Graeme White

Project Type:

Project location: 
John Coulson
Needs access to HYSYS/Aspen for the duration of the work