Engineer a high power (1W) laser diode cooling system to stabilise laser output properties over long periods of time

Laser diodes are made of semiconductor materials and their activity in commercial and industrial environments has increased dramatically in recent time (e.g. laser manufacturing, fibre optic communications, barcode readers, laser pointers, CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc reading/recording, laser printing, laser scanning and light beam illumination). Many of the laser diodes characteristics are largely dependent on its temperature and it is therefore extremely important to maintain a stable diode temperature to achieve optimal laser outputs (e.g. laser output power and wavelength). The student will decide which type of cooling devices are appropriate for the task (e.g. thermoelectric modules, air cooling fans, water cooling, etc) and will be given the opportunity to modify an existing laser temperature cooling housing device or re-design a new one from the ground up using parts they will craft in the mechanical workshop. The project will be rewarding for students who like working hands-on, are looking for a lead design project that gives them control over all aspects of the architecture and are wanting to solve design related engineering problems for real world applications.

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Dr. Jose Marques-Hueso
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Prof. Marc Desmulliez