Foaming and foam suppression in packed column towers

The overall dimensions especially the height of packing inside packed column absorbers is determined by the mass transfer and gas/liquid contact inside the column. In situations where gas and liquid are in contact , there is a chance that bubbles or other such structures formed by the act of surface tension between the gas and liquid can either hinder or assist in the mass transfer process. Normally the formation of surfaces between gas and liquid cause an increase in pressure drop and a decrease in mass transfer. One way to offset the formation of gas/liquid bubbles is to use a de-foaming solution; typically a high molecular weight silicone based polymer. This project is to review what these defoaming agents to and to test a number of these under laboratory controlled conditions. The work may involve our 0.6m packed column absorber to measure the impact of concentration on pressure drop behavior for gas-liquid systems that mimic those used in acid gas removal.

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Graeme White

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John Coulson
Mainly experimentally based but could involve developing models