The Future of Energy Storage: Moddeling the Effects of Fluidisation in a Thermochemical Energy Storage Bed

The rapid advancement of the field of thermochemical energy storage (TCES) has the potential to revolutionise how we heat our buildings. TCES offers the opportunity to convert solar energy directly into a chemical potential which can be used to provide heat during periods of low sunlight, like at night and through the winter. However, early prototypes have struggled to produce enough power to meet direct demand. Fluidisation is a phenomena where flowing a fluid upwards through a bed of particles can allow the particles to take on some of the properties of a fluid (Mark Rober: Fluidisation has the potential to vastly improve the heat transfer, mass transfer, and power output of TCES. There is immense value in studying the effects of fluidisation in this novel system, and comparing it to more traditional reactor types.

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Required S/W skill - Ansys-Rocky DEM or Altair-EDEM

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Victor Francia, Tadhg O'Donovan, Louis Francois Marie Marie
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