IoT, Remote labs, and energy harvesting

Projects across the following topics:
1. Internet of Things (IoT):
IoT needs no introduction. This project is about developing an internet connected device that does something useful (any idea?). In principle, you could look at all major aspects of what is a connected mechatronic device (mechanics, electronics, software control both on the device and on the internet), but you may choose to take shortcuts on some aspects to develop a more original and "personal" solution on others.
2. Remote labs
This project is about developing an internet connected experiment that could be used for remote teaching of labs (a "convenience" made a necessity by the current world situation). Although there are companies offering remote-virtual experiments, nothing is ever as good as reality itself!
You will be guided to select a topic you like or are familiar with or would like to study in more details. The key aim is to design a lab that can be controlled remotely, gives good experience to the students and targets appropriate learning objectives.
3. Energy harvesting
Small amount of energy (~µW to mW) can be harvested from the environment or from human motion to power simple devices.
A project in this area could focus on the mechanical aspects (for example 3D-printing compliant structures to accommodate the piezoelectric transducer and couple it to the environment) and/or on the electronic aspect (extracting energy efficiently and storing it for future use).

Supervisor name: 
Dr. Mik Pozzi
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Project location: 
GRID Flexilab
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Dr. D. Yurchenko