It is Christmas - Let redefine our Christmas tree ! (2020/21)

The student will be involved in creating wirelessly interrogated Christmas lights used on Christmas trees.

Instead of trying to use a single line of Christmas lights electrically wired to the mains, the student will create individual Christmas lights that are battery powered but which are aware of each other and create patterns of illumination after having ascertained their respective position on the Xmas tree.

Knowledge of Rf-communications will be important as well as machine learning techniques.

the student should have also the ability to manufacture simple electrical lights base don Arduino platform or others that seem suitable. miniaturisation of the lights is not essential at this stage.

IoT knowledge is highly desirable

Supervisor name: 
Marc Desmulliez
Supervisor and Deputy email addresses:
Project location: 
Edinburgh campus
Project involves system engineering and IoT
Deputy name: 
Mauro Dragone