LCA and Eonomic Assessment of Novel Carbon Capture Material

This project will deliver a comprehensive life cycle assessment for the production of Hydrotalcite material, that will be used to capture CO2 from cement manufacturing plant. The project will look at the manufacture of HTLc's from pure raw source material and to look at the viability of using waste streams that have a high Al and Mg content. The project will also look at the disposal of the HTLc material.

The project is likely to require extensive literature searching but some modeling may be possible.

We have an active UK government funded project in this area. You would be working on one element of this project and have the opportunity to meet our industrial funders and our academic partners.

Supervisor name: 
Graeme White
You will have to be comfortable in handling large sets of data, in handling data within Excel and also in installing OpenSource LCA tools and data sets.