Massive MIMO (2016-17)

The combination of 1) the limited spectrum; 2) the continuous drive for ever increased data rates to wireless users; and 3) the imperative for energy-efficient, low radio pollution and economical wireless communication, makes the quest for novel next generation radio architectures an important one. Several, seemingly competing, proposals aiming at fundamental design principles of future wireless networks are currently being discussed in standardization as well as in research projects.

One approach is to achieve high data rate is using large antenna array at the base stations. This technique is called “Massive MIMO,” where MIMO stands for Multi-Input/Multi-Output. Here a single base station is powerful enough to eliminate inter-cell interference through highly directional beamforming, removing the need for any cell-to-cell coordination or “backhaul intelligence”.

The aim of this project is to investigate the performance of the uplink and downlink of Massive MIMO systems by considering a realistic system model.

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Mathini Sellathurai
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