Modelling strategic behaviour of renewable generators in privately developed local networks

Principle Goal of the Project: Developing tools for optimal decision-making on renewable capacity investments by multiple strategic investors in privately developed local networks

Description of the Project: Privately developed and shared grid access projects including “private wires” have emerged as a potential solution for flexible grid access or alternative grid connection for distributed and renewable generators.

This project will investigate the feasibility of local grid networks and renewable generation capacity built by private, self-interested investors.

The project will utilise game-theoretic tools to model strategic behaviour of private investors and will derive best strategies for decision-making for optimal capacities built in the local network such as power lines, renewable generation and storage capacity.

Completion Criteria;
• Literature survey on private grid capacity projects, alternative grid connections and private wire
• Model development and theoretical formulation
• Practical application and demonstration of methodology

Supervisor name: 
Professor David Flynn
Supervisor and Deputy email addresses:
Deputy name: 
Dr Merlinda Andoni