Optimisation of Lithium-Ion cells perfomance by Hybrid Thermal Management Systems

Lithium-Ion cells and battery packs are essential electrical energy storage systems for the further development of renewable energy systems and electric vehicles (EVs). However, they performance is highly sensitive to the cell temperature. Therefore, sound Thermal Management Systems (TMS)are required to guarantee the cells isothermalisation at a desired range. Phase Change Materials have been shown to be a promising component of passive TMS due to their isothermalisation capability. However, under extreme cell electrical regimes (e.g. EVs), PCMs quickly melt loosing the latent thermal energy storage and the TMS fail, highlighting the need for a combined active cooling. The project, based on previous experimental data, will see the development of Computational Fluids Dynamics (CFD) models of the fluid flow and heat transfer of a Hybrid TMS (i.e. PCM + active cooling) and suggest optimal TMS design.

Other Comments: 

Skills in relevant modelling tools (Ansys/Comso/Matlab etc.) are required.

Supervisor name: 
Tadhg O'Donovan, Ityona Amber, Stefano Landini
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t.s.o'donovan@hw.ac.uk; i.amber@hw.ac.uk; S.Landini@hw.ac.uk