Packed Columns, Produced Water Treatment, and multiphase problems

Absorption columns are used for onshore and offshore oil and gas operations to remove acid gases from gas sources or for removing oxygen from seawater. The contact between gas and liquid inside these columns to a large extent dictates the performance of these columns to meet product specifications.

The performance of many produced water treatment units and primary three phase separators depends on the coalescence of droplets of dispersed phase with a bulk liquid layer.

Projects could include
- measuring the distribution of liquid inside packed column absorbers using CFD or other modelling tools to support our existing experimental studies at 0.6 and 1m diameter scales and to scale.
- Liquid-liquid coalescence, for example the study of a droplet of water coming into contact with a layer of oil
- Foaming and foam suppression in packed column towers

Supervisor name: 
Graeme White
Supervisor and Deputy email addresses:
Project location: 
John Coulson
The equipment is large pilot scale unit that requires co-operation within a team of people.