Physicochemical properties of biosurfactants in food and cosmetic formulations

Biosurfactants are surface active molecules derived from microbial fermentation and include rhamnolipids, sophorolipids, trehalolipids and lipopeptides to name a few. There is considerable interest in their use as replacers of synthetic surfactants used in industry. This is because their manufacture is sustainable (the bacteria can be grown on renewable or waste feedstock), they are less toxic and more environmentally friendly.
In this project the emulsifying, foaming and rheological properties biosurfactants in combination with other ingredients (proteins, polysaccharides or lipids) will be studied in model food and cosmetic formulations to inform the selection of new consumer product ingredients.
The student will work alongside colleagues in the MARISURF Horizon2020 EU project (, and will benefit from the expertise and support of the consortium.

Supervisor name: 
Stephen Euston
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Karina Salek