Piezoelectric induced wave propagation for dynamic soft-tissue characterisation

With the progression towards integrated healthcare and continuous sensing, simple biomedical sensors become vital. The challenge for these is to deliver reliable data over a long period of time, in a minimally-invasive way. Whilst ultrasound is one way to do this, the complexity and resolution limits make them unsuitable for low-cost, longer-term miniature sensors. Within this project we will look to model a simpler system – a two-component piezo-actuated Rayleigh wave approach. This project will establish a numerical measurement approach that could be implemented in a micro-scale sensor. This will include:

1. Identify (via literature review) the material properties of relevance to soft-tissues (e.g. skin) and implement a numerical model with:
a. Elasticity and viscoelasticity
b. Variable thickness layers (with relevance to human skin)
c. The ability to introduce “damage sections” in the model, to simulate a wound or diseased tissue.

2. Simulate Rayleigh wave induction in the tissue model and characterise the parameters of these, with a view to amplitude, frequency, phase and distance to measurement point differences in elastic/viscoelastic tissue.

This project will suit someone with experience in developing analytical models or experience with finite element modelling.

Supervisor name: 
Michael Crichton
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Project location: 
Mechanical Engineering, EPS, Edinburgh
Deputy name: 
Daniil Yurchenko