Process Intensification: Gas-solid vortex chambers.

Vortex chambers allow one to put in contact a gas and a solid at high concentration and high slip velocities, so called high-g (gravity) fluidisation ( Advanced units hold a great potential to improve the efficiency of processes within the energy, environmental and manufacturing industries including oil & gas, carbon capture, waste management and manufacturing of consumer goods e.g. pharmaceutics, foods. However, turbulent vortex flows are difficult to control being inherently unstable and featuring periodicity. A careful design of the chamber is required to achieve any level of control over the dispersion of particles and droplets. Their presence damps the turbulence and the vortex angular momentum destabilising the flow structure and leading to different flow regimes. In this project, you we will study the state of the art in the design of vortex chambers, from swirling fluidised beds to combustors, high-g beds and gas-solid vortex multiphase reactors, we will study into how the dispersion of powders in batch and continuous units is related to the structure of the vortex and how it can be controlled by modifying key design features. Theoretical and numerical work will then inform the development of advanced prototypes.

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Dr Victor Francia
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