Project on IoT

IoT needs no introduction. This project is about developing an internet connected device that does something useful (any idea?). In principle, you could look at all major aspects of what is a connected mechatronic device (mechanics, electronics, software control both on the device and on the internet), but you may choose to take shortcuts on some aspects to develop a more original and "personal" solution on others.
In general, expect to use some sensor(s) and/or actuator(s), controlled by a microcontroller having WiFi, BT, Zigbee or other wireless capability. You would program the ┬Ácontroller in C, typically. Electronics aspects could include sensor(s) signal conditioning, driving actuator(s), power management. You could even set up a little website, powered for example with Python, to collect the data, analyse them as required and present them to any visitor (depending on the type of data collected, a lot of analysis can be performed).
Unfortunately, due to restricted lab access, this project is, like all others, dry. You will design mechanical parts, select electronics and test code on emulators.

Supervisor name: 
Dr. Mik Pozzi
Supervisor and Deputy email addresses: ;
Project location: 
GRID Flexilab
Deputy name: 
Dr. Theo Lim