Project on Remote Labs

This project is about developing an internet connected experiment that could be used for remote teaching of labs (a "convenience" made a necessity by the current world situation). Although there are companies offering remote-virtual experiments, nothing is ever as good as reality itself!
You will be guided to select a topic you like or are familiar with or would like to study in more details. You can take inspiration from labs you took in your UG courses. The key aim is to design a lab that can be controlled remotely, gives good experience to the students and targets appropriate learning objectives.
In general, expect to use some sensor(s) and/or actuator(s), controlled by a microcontroller (e.g. Arduino) or single-board computer (Raspberry Pi). Electronics aspects could include sensor(s), signal conditioning, driving actuator(s), power management.
As extra, you could even set up a little website with the interface for the students using the remote-lab.
Unfortunately, due to restricted lab access, this project is, like all others, dry. You will design mechanical parts, select electronics and test code on emulators.

Supervisor name: 
Dr. Mik Pozzi
Supervisor and Deputy email addresses: ;
Project location: 
No lab access due to COVID restrictions
Deputy name: 
Dr. Theo Lim