Pumps' bearing testing for space applications

Vert Rotors' Conical Rotary Booster (CRB) is under development as a rocket fuel pump for the European Space Agency (ESA). For space applications the reliability of the CRB must be precisely defined and validated. The standard ISO 281 embodies the state of the art in a series of statistical models that may be applied within defined limits, including the fluid viscosity (para of the standard is particularly relevant). Robust engineering design involves the application of these models (or alternatives) and the testing of durability at or near limiting conditions in order to validate the calculations to a reasonable confidence level (usually within cost and time constraints). Vert Rotors does not yet possess a suitable physical test capability for relevant forms of rolling bearing.

The student should:
1. Review and finalise the design as required
2. Construct and set up the test rig
3. Define a test programme to validate the 7201 BEP bearing under 1kN axial load under suitable acceleration
4. Carry out at least one accelerated test run using an inert, noncorrosive low-viscosity liquid e.g. ethylene glycol and analyse the results

Supervisor name: 
Daniil Yurchenko
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Geoff Kermode