Radar development for assisted living applications (2018-2019)

In this project the student will work on the development of a radar system that will be able to track vital signs of humans such as breathing, heart-rate, and posture.
The design will be based on the open-source MIT radar that is available online [1,2] and will build on the outcomes of an on-going MENG4 group project. The project may involve some analogue design but also programming to process the sensed data in Matlab.

[1] https://ocw.mit.edu/resources/res-ll-003-build-a-small-radar-system-capa...

[2] https://ocw.mit.edu/resources/res-ll-003-build-a-small-radar-system-capa...

Supervisor name: 
Dimitris Anagnostou
Supervisor and Deputy email addresses: 

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Project location: 
Microwaves and Antennas Laboratory
Deputy name: 
Mauro Dragone