Regenerating images and classification of damaged heritage items and recommending restoration methods (2020/21)

World’s cultural heritage is being lost due to both man-made (mishandling by excavators/curators or destruction during wars) and natural causes. There is a need for classification of the artefacts, digitising and regenerating images or 3D models of damaged heritage and recommending restoration methods. The main tasks in the project would be as follows:

1. Digitally remove the labels put on the face of the artefacts by the excavators,

2. Remove signs of bad restorations

3. Classify the artefacts into the various categories (murals, stupas, tiles etc.),

4. Reconstruct the broken parts of the artefacts,

5. Recommend a method for restoring the item in the best possible manner.

This project involves the use of image processing (enhancement, segmentation, reconstruction and image analysis) and machine learning (classification) techniques.

Supervisor name: 
Dr Gule Saman
Supervisor and Deputy email addresses: