Reservoir Rock Characterization by Image Analysis

The accurate characterization of reservoir rocks is essential to economic, safe and secure design of carbon dioxide sequestration projects. The recent advances in imaging techniques have provided low fast methods for the characterization of natural materials like different rock types. Properties like porosity and permeability respectively determine the quantity and the injectivity of CO2 that can be stored in a certain geological formation. This project will be divided into two sections of literature review and rock image analysis. To achieve the goals of this project, the MSc student is expected to do a critical literature review of X-ray Micro Computed Tomography imaging method (last decade). Then, a training of rock image analysis will be provided. Depending on the progress, the student may have the exciting opportunity to perform image analysis with powerful NVIDIA GPUs on natural rock images. This section would allow the student to perform simple rock characterisation on provided 3D images

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Please, contact Dr Omid Shahrokhi to discuss your interest in this project.

Required Background: Good Writing Skills, Understanding of Basic Fluid Mechanics Concepts, Familiarity with at least one programming language (C, Java, Matlab, Python, etc).
Desirable Skills (not mandatory): Experience with Matlab (m file programming), Python or TCL Scripting.

Supervisor name: 
Mercedes Maroto-Valer
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Remote. No lab access.
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Omid Shahrokhi