Robotic Cleaning of Household Stuff

This project aims to develop an intelligent control strategy in order to enable a robotic manipulator to autonomously clean surfaces typically found in a household, such as a table, sink, bathroom, toilet closet, etc. The project will build upon the control strategy that was developed by our group for robotic cleaning of a cab front surface. In this project, the challenge will be to visually detect the borders of a desired region to be cleaned, to autonomously develop a path plan to cover the overall surface within these borders, and to develop the control algorithm that will make the robot end-effector sweep the desired surface with a cleaning sponge using force/torque sensor signals. Vision, control, and integration of these for robotic manipulation are at the core of the project. The project will make use of the TiaGo robot that is available in our lab and the newly furnished smart house environment in Lyell Centre.

Supervisor name: 
Mustafa Suphi Erden
Supervisor and Deputy email addresses:
Deputy name: 
Mauro Dragone