Simulating gas adsorption processes for CO2 capture

In the last few years there has been strong interest in the development of adsorption technologies for capturing CO2 from power plants and large industrial facilities. Although no commercially available adsorption process for CO2 capture still exists, intensive scientific research along with a sharp increase in patent numbers has been reported recently for this emerging technology. Solid sorbents are usually packed as fixed beds and employed in unsteady cyclic processes composed of adsorption and regeneration steps. When evaluating and comparing sorbents for use in a commercial-scale CO2 capture system, it is important to determine the parameters that are expected to impact considerably the efficiency of the process.
The aim of this research project is to simulate a gas adsorption process for CO2 capture and to evaluate how different operating conditions and/or parameters would affect the separation step.

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Prof Susana Garcia
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John Coulson Building/James Nasmyth Building
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Prof. M. Maroto-Valer