Small electricity grids - making it successful

Scotland has over 700 islands, a lot of them to far away from the mainland to be connected to the main grid. There are a lot of projects aiming to provide them with power with varying success.
The Isle of Eigg is an example for a successful attempt. It has a unique electricity grid, based on ~90 % of its electricity generated by renewable energy generation technologies. They also have a battery bank, a flywheel and a super-capacitor for storage and power quality control.
Other projects, like the one on Foula in the Shetlands, did not succeed.
Your project would be looking to design a system similar to the one on Eigg to power an island of your choice; the project includes design, engineering as well as economic and social considerations to make the proposed scheme a success and sustainable as on Eigg..

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Gudrun Kocher
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