Smart energy management for prosumers in local energy communities

Principle Goal of the Project: Exploration and development of smart energy management techniques for prosumers in local energy communities.

Description of the Project: Adoption of renewable generation at a residential level has led to the rise of the prosumer i.e. consumers who own and generate their own energy supply. At the same time, smart local energy systems and energy communities have emerged.

This project will explore smart optimisation techniques for the energy management of smart homes. Moreover, it will investigate the feasibility of energy trading within the community.

Completion Criteria:
• Literature survey on prosumers, smart local energy systems and energy trading within energy communities
• Development of energy management for prosumers
• Investigation of the potential of community trading
• Practical application and demonstration of methodology on a real dataset

Other Comments: 

Essential skills and knowledge: Electrical engineering, energy, renewable generation background
Desirable skills and knowledge: Coding experience (e.g. MATLAB)

Supervisor name: 
Professor David Flynn
Supervisor and Deputy email addresses:
Deputy name: 
Dr Merlinda Andoni