Solar fuels: New insights into CO2 photoreduction- design of catalysts

Titania-based photocatalytic systems have demonstrated the potential to use solar energy to convert CO2 and H2O into fuels, not only for transport and electricity generation, but also for feedstocks used in industry. However, the research so far undertaken on this process, called CO2 photoreduction, has only achieved efficiencies too low for industrial commercialization. This project seeks an enthusiastic individual with strong teamwork spirit to apply novel multidisciplinary approaches to the photocatalytic process. Main tasks will focus on the study of the photo-catalytic behaviour of a range of materials over supports with promising optical and electronic properties. Expected outcomes are an enhanced knowledge of photocatalytic systems and different analytical techniques, work experience in a leadership environment and new professional skills.

Supervisor name: 
Prof Mercedes Maroto-Valer
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RCCS labs in Coulson
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Dr Jeannie Tan