Solar thermal collector design for redox flow battery system (2022)

Redox flow battery (RFB) allows simultaneously storing of electrical energy into chemicals, which can be readily utilized to generate electricity via reversible reactions [1]. However, the plain fact is most studies overlook still-untapped potentials arising from the electrolyte behaviour change under the heat or temperature variation. In this context, thermally regenerative electrochemical cycle (TREC) [2,3] has recently been proposed to harness the waste thermal energy by the exposure to the sunlight. This project aims to design a solar thermal heat collector with the continuous electrolyte flow for the TREC-based redox flow battery. The project is expected to deliver a set of 3D designs for photothermal collector with heat transfer analysis.

Relevant references
[1] Bae, D.; Faasse, G. M.; Smith, W. A. Hidden Figures of Photo-Charging: A Thermo-Electrochemical Approach for Solar-Rechargeable Redox Flow Cell System. Sustain. Energy Fuels 2020, 4, 2650–2655.
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We are looking for candidates talented in modelling tool (e.g., any relevant S/W, including Matlab, Ansys, Python, and etc.). Background or strong interest in heat transfer and fluid is also preferred.

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Dowon Bae
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Dr Dowon Bae - Supervisor