Temperature profile analysis for solar-rechargeable redox flow cell

Solar-rechargeable Redox Flow Battery (SRFB) allows simultaneously storing of solar energy into chemicals, which can be readily utilised to generate electricity via reversible reactions [1]. However, the plain fact is that most studies overlook still-untapped potentials arising from the electrolyte behaviour change under the heat or temperature variation [2]. This project aims to analyse the temperature profile across the solar charging flow cell reactor under continuous heat flux (from sunlight to photo-device). The project is expected to deliver a set of visualised analytical and computational temperature profile data. A talented student with heat-balance or heat transfer theoretical understanding is strongly preferred.

[1] Bae, D.; Faasse, G. M.; Smith, W. A. Hidden Figures of Photo-Charging: A Thermo-Electrochemical Approach for Solar-Rechargeable Redox Flow Cell System. Sustain. Energy Fuels 2020, 4, 2650–2655.
[2] Whitley, S.; Bae, D. Perspective—Insights into Solar-Rechargeable Redox Flow Cell Design: A Practical Perspective for Lab-Scale Experiments. J. Electrochem. Soc. 2021, 168, 120517.

Other Comments: 

Both ANSYS and MATLAB access can be provided under university license. This project is theoretical work, not experimental.

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Dowon Bae
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James Nasmyth Building