Towards a low cost precision VR systems using pervasive technologies (2014-15) (2014-15) (2015-16) (2015-16)

Precison virtual reality (VR) technologies and systems are currently restricted to large consortiums with sufficient funds. Such systems cost in access of £250k and require specialised kit and are also often vendor locked in.

This project is to democratize VR for the masses using low cost pervasive technologies. The research entails a set of scientific studies to provide an evidence-base on the characterisation of low cost technologies. It is therefore required to conduct developmental work towards a demonstrator.

The application basis would be but not limited to the following areas:
1. Virtual assembly
2. Virtual inspection and measurements
3. Teleoperations
4. Surgical operations
5. Engineering design

Supervisor name: 
Dr. Theo Lim
Supervisor and Deputy email addresses:
Project location: 
Deputy name: 
Prof. James Ritchie